Snow Removal

Snow Removal for Small Commercial Properties

Winter weather brings challenges for commercial property owners, especially when it comes to snow removal. A snow-covered property not only poses safety hazards for employees and customers, but it can also negatively impact the overall appearance and accessibility of the property. This is why hiring a professional snow removal company is essential.

The biggest advantages of hiring a snow removal company is their expertise and specialized equipment. These professionals are trained and equipped to handle even the most severe winter weather conditions, ensuring that your property is cleared and safe in a timely manner. Additionally, by outsourcing snow removal, you can avoid the time and effort it takes to manage the process yourself, allowing you to focus on running your business.

By investing in a snow removal company, you can also mitigate potential liability risks. Slip and fall accidents due to icy and snowy conditions can result in costly lawsuits, which can be avoided by ensuring that your property is properly maintained and safe for all who visit.

Overall, hiring a snow removal company for your commercial property is an important investment in the safety and accessibility of your property, as well as the reputation and success of your business.

● Residential Properties

● Small Commercial Properties

● Ice Melt – with Magnesium Chloride, safer than Salt

The average residential property is only $60.00, this is from 2-6 inches deep. If there happens to be a bad snow storms where it’s deeper than 6 inches or extra wet and heavy, then the cost will be extra for that particular removal of snow. Other than that, the average cost is just $60.00.

This includes sidewalks, driveway, walk leading up to front door. This cost will adjust up or down depending on exact size.